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American Culture

This unit we learned about American culture and the values that surround us. In Kohl's "Values Americans Live By" we saw that Americans value Time, Work, Privacy, Individualism and more. In my opinion, I believe that Americans value time more than anything else. Everything revolves around time. In Kohl's article, he brings up common phrases such as, "killing time", "wasting time", "on time". Of course these are American phrases because we value time. We have always been taught to be time efficient. In school, work and at home. When we are in school we always have to do things in timings. For example:  the ACT. The only people who have an advantage while taking standardized tests are those who can answer questions within a couple seconds. It is good that our culture values time. More work is accomplished and our country and lives are moving faster and becoming more successful. But, time is also problem. For example: maternity leave.  …

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